"As a company we’ve never done anything the conventional way."

It's safe to say that's certainly the case for Moneypenny. 

Founded in 2000 by Rachel Clacher and Ed Reeves, the calls and live chat firm have gone from strength to strength and now employ around 1,200 members of staff in the UK and US. 

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Moneypenny HQ, based in Wrexham is home to around 900 employees and the office is pretty extraordinary. 

It has it's own pub - the Dog 'N' Bone, a gym, a treehouse and even it's own garden footpath, surrounding the 91,000 sq ft site.

Staff get free breakfasts from the onsite restaurant in the mornings, and can take in the weather on the buildings sun terrace (perfect for a day like today). 

The Leader: The sun terrace.The sun terrace.

The firm are renowned for parties and celebrations including themed nights in the pub, most recently a Bierkeller evening. 

Moneypenny is also well known for its award winning culture and is consistently featured as a Best Companies to work for.

Joanna Swash group CEO at Moneypenny said: “As a company we’ve never done anything the conventional way and creating a brilliant atmosphere and happy place to work was really important to us.

The Leader: Moneypenny HQ.Moneypenny HQ.

"When we made the decision to build a new headquarters, we asked ourselves how we can make sure our people will be happy there?

"The answer was simple - ask them. We didn’t want to create a great workplace based on someone else’s vision of brilliant; we wanted it to be somewhere that our people love.”

The firm are currently hiring, for more information email: careers@moneypenny.co.uk.