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LETHAEA JEWELLERY, Cymau, Flintshire

From working on aircraft to making jewellery might not seem like a natural career leap but for one Flintshire woman, they have more in common that you would think.

Shauna Stratton, from Cymau, explains: "I had original started training as an aircraft mechanic, which is where I got most of my metalworking skills from but I left as I was wanting to use those skills for something more creative, fun, something that was my own.

"From aluminium on planes to silver in jewellery, it's all metal. As an aircraft mechanic, you're working on one little part of the plane but with the jewellery making I get to do every bit of it, from design to finished item."

And so Lethaea Jewellery was born in October 2020.


Beaded dangle hoop earrings by Shauna Stratton at Lethaea Jewellery.

Beaded dangle hoop earrings by Shauna Stratton at Lethaea Jewellery.


The 25-year-old, who is also manager of a restaurant, adds: "I had all the basic metalwork skills and principles but I have self taught all of my silversmithing skills and soldering, which has been very rewarding. Lots of YouTube videos and some trial and error.

"Up until now I have kept the jewellery as a part-time job, however now I'm looking at making the jump into a more full-time thing, which is very exciting.

"During lockdown it was actually nice to be working on things, keeping busy from home. And people were supporting online businesses, so it turned out to be a really good time to do it.

"It helps with things opening up again since covid, I have lots of stalls booked and am looking forward to them, especially the regular artisan market in Mold.

"And with new websites such as Made in Cymru and Crefftus Cymru, it's lovely to see so much support for local and small businesses."


Antique shiled spoon ring by Shauna Stratton at Lethaea Jewellery.

Antique shield spoon ring by Shauna Stratton at Lethaea Jewellery.


Shauna explains more about what she does: "I make sterling silver jewellery and all of my jewellery is handcrafted by myself, in my home in Wales.

"Living in the countryside, I find inspiration from nature and so quite a lot of my designs are themed around that.

"Being Welsh I have a love for Celtic designs, so I've been working on building up my Celtic designs.

"But I like to have a variety of designs, as that represents me quite well. I have wide interests and I like to have lots of different things on the bench to work on, it keeps things interesting."

Shauna, originally from Newport in South Wales, has enjoyed the progression Lethaea Jewellery has been making.


Shauna Stratton, owner and maker, at a stalls over winter last year.

Shauna Stratton, owner and maker, at a stalls over winter last year.


She said: "When I first started I had several goals with jewellery making. I started with just wire wrapping jewellery, and so when I first started soldering that was a really proud moment, and then again when I finished my first stone set jewellery I was really proud then.

"And it's always nicer as well when these things happen sooner than expected.

"My first stall was a really memorable moment, it was the first time I was seeing customers' reactions in person to what I'd made, and it was so overwhelming to see and hear."

It's a close link with customers that see Shauna create very sentimental bespoke pieces, something she takes great pride in.


Sunflower ring by Shauna Stratton at Lethaea Jewellery.

Sunflower ring by Shauna Stratton at Lethaea Jewellery.


She adds: "Jewellery is a very personal thing, and so quite often the custom orders that get requested are touching.

"One in particular that really touched me was for a woman who's been through an incredibly tough time, and got a ring to remember a child she lost.

"I find it such a privilege to be able to make something that's so precious to people but it is always nerve wracking as you want it to be perfect for them.

"The commissions are one of my favourite things, I like the idea that they're something treasured. They give an opportunity to try something new as well as developing my skills. It's something that makes me push my own boundaries too."

And the next step for Shauna and Lethaea Jewellery, is to get her work into some local shops.

She said optimistically: "It's competitive but I'm on a couple of waiting lists."

All that glitters may not be gold, but the future looks sparkling for Shauna.

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