The Platinum Jubilee celebrating the Queen's 70th year on the throne is upon us, and with that preparation for barbecues and street parties are to be underway.

With these set to occur over the weekend, all the supermarkets have a number of great discounts for shoppers to make use of to get food and drink in for these events.

Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Aldi, Lidl and Morrisons all have a lot to pick from, so take a look at their discounts to see what would be useful for your Platinum Jubilee barbecue or street party.

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For your barbecue/street party Asda has a few items that could be useful, such as its Creamy Coronation Chicken Breast Steaks for £4 and its Spiced 8 Coronation British Pork Loins for £6.

The Coronation Chicken Breast Steaks are part of a two for £7 deal with other meat products, such as Piri Piri Chicken Thigh Fillets and the Sticky Asian Style Chicken Drumsticks.

If you're looking for some drinks for the occasion then Asda may be able to help with a rollback in the price of a bottle of Pimm's, which has been reduced from £12 to £10.

Additionally, a bottle of Louvel Fontaine Champagne Brut has been rolled back to almost half price, from £18 to £9.99.

See all these Asda Platinum Jubilee products on the website here, or in store.


Tesco is also not slacking on the barbecue products, as it has a deal on two products for £8 on Clubcard prices.

For example, you could get the Tesco Fire Pit Asian Inspired Pork Belly Slices for £4.50, Tesco Fire Pit Oaky Smoky Bbq Chicken Drums for £4.50 or the Minted Lamb Kebabs for the same price.

In terms of drinks, there is a litre bottle of Pimm's for £20 as well as a Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial Non-Vintage Champagne for £39 if you fancy splashing out.

See all the Tesco barbecue food deals on the website here, or go find them in store.


Aldi is known for its discounts and it doesn't stop here for its Jubilee barbecue range.

For example some Specially Selected Aberdeen Angus Beef Quarter Pounders can be bought for £3.39 as well as Emporium Grill 4 Halloumi Burgers for just £1.69.

The Leader: Aldi's Angus Beef Burgers (Aldi)Aldi's Angus Beef Burgers (Aldi)

Outside of burgers there are Ashfields Grill 4 Chicken & Chorizo Kebabs for £3.49 and Specially Selected 4 Smoky Top Dogs for £1.99.

For drinks, Aldi does its own version of Pimm's with Austin's Classic Summer Punch for £7.49 or some Greyson's London Dry Gin for £10.29.

Shop the whole Aldi Jubilee range on the website here.


Like Aldi, Lidl is known for its wide-ranging discounts and that will carry on benefitting shoppers with its range of Jubilee barbecue products.

For example, you can get some Deluxe 6 Big Dog Hot Dog Sausages for just £2.99, as well as some Birchwood Garlic & Herb or Sweet Chilli Chicken kebabs for £3.69.

For veggie options, a Deluxe Spinach, Red Pepper & Feta Quiche might just work for you, and it costs just £2.49.

In terms of drinks, a bottle of Denbies Broadwood Folly Sparkling Rose for £15.99 might provide a nice capper to your barbecue/street party.

The Leader: Denbies Broadwood Folly Sparkling Rose (Lidl)Denbies Broadwood Folly Sparkling Rose (Lidl)

Shop the whole Lidl Jubilee range on the website here.


Sainsbury's has a number of quality barbecue products to buy, including some Taste the Difference British Beef Steak Burgers for £4.75, Summer Edition Mexican Style Corn Fritters for £2.65 and Habanero & Red Leicester Turkey Burgers for £3.50.

For drinks, you can save 25% if you buy six bottles or more of champagne and wine at Sainsbury's.

The range of those drinks can be found on the website here.


Finally, Morrisons has a wide-ranging selection of food and drink on the website for the Jubilee, including this pack of six thick pork sausages for £2.50.

For drinks, a bottle of Pimm's will come to £12, whilst a Menestrello Prosecco Spumante could be purchased for £7.50.

Shop the whole Morrisons Jubilee Range on the website here.