MOST people dream of having a holiday home - but what if you owned not just one, but six of them?

And just to make it even better, they're not your everyday run-of-the-mill homes, they’re more like grand royal palaces.

Well, over the Queen's 70 years on the throne to date, she has been fortunate enough to work and live in six of the most magical homes the UK has to offer. 

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North Wales celebrates Queen's Platinum Jubilee

That equates to being rewarded with one royal palace for every 11.5 years on the throne.

As the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend arrives, Bed Guru has been doing some reseach into which one of the Queen's homes is the best fit.

But, before we begin to look at that, what's the average home in the United Kingdom?

In the UK, the most popular and common type of home is a three-bed semi-detached making up 31.4% of the total housing stock.

In 2021, most couples were choosing to only have one child, this means that the average family size in the UK is three. One couple and one child, which leaves a bedroom spare for whatever your heart desires. 

To compare this to the information that Bed Guru found, The Queen has at least 2,115 rooms (two of her residences have kept the number of rooms classified) in her residences, in which she has 1,133 staff.

So, why does the Queen need so many homes and what are they used for?

The Leader:

PIC: Queen Elizabeth II, PA News Agency.

Queen Elizabeth II is the Sovereign of 14 Commonwealth realms in addition to the UK.

The Queen conducts different matters of business in each, reserving two as personal use homes that she privately owns; Balmoral Castle and Sandringham House.

Here's what the others are used for:

• Buckingham Palace is the administrative HQ of the monarch, and today it's the hub of royal events

• The Queen uses Windsor Castle as both a private home, typically on the weekends and as an official Royal residence. In recent years, Windsor Castle became the Queen's main home, but in recent months, The Queen has taken a step back from her role and is thought to be residing more in Balmoral Castle

• Balmoral Castle is thought to be the monarch’s favourite royal residence as it is known for being where the Queen spends her summer holidays

• The Queen typically celebrates Christmas at Sandringham House, often joined by her family

• The Palace of Holyroodhouse is most commonly used for state ceremonies and official entertaining

• Hillsborough Castle is the official home of the Secretary of State of Northern Ireland