A Flintshire firm has outlined how it is aiming to eradicate poverty and support business growth by bringing large scale changes to homes in Wales.

Holywell’s Cyd Innovation has detailed how it is building a social partnership between the government, social landlords, and installers to accelerate the delivery of low carbon homes that are affordable to heat across Wales during a visit from Hannah Blythyn MS.

The firm, which has delivered ongoing support to more than 5,000 energy efficient homes across North Wales to date, has experienced rapid growth in the past six months. 

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The cost of living crisis has seen authorities looking to reduce power bills through decarbonisation and retrofitting projects.

With the average energy bill increasing by 54 per cent in April to £1,917 per year and with a further increase expected in October, Cyd Innovation has detailed how it intends to scale up production services to help deliver at least 50,000 low carbon homes by 2025.

Managing director and founder at Cyd Innovation Steven Reynolds said: “The need to improve the UK’s housing stock has never been more urgent, as more and more households are facing unaffordable energy bills as a result of living in properties which badly need improvement.

“The Welsh Government has placed an obligation on social landlords to establish a system to convert all social housing into properties with a rating as close as possible to EPC A or equivalent by 2033, with the estimated cost of delivering this being £5.5 billion.

“We are passionate about becoming the catalyst between the public, private, and the third sectors to accelerate progress and drive social landlords towards net zero, as all parts of the economy need to work together to ensure we can deliver these vital projects.”

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Cyd Innovation’s plans and how they can best fit in with Welsh Government aims were discussed with local Senedd member Hannah Blythyn during her visit to the offices in Holywell.

Hannah Blythyn, MS for Delyn, said: “It was good to have the opportunity to learn more about the innovative and important work that Steven and the Flintshire-based team at Cyd Innovation are driving forward. 

“It is clear that if we are to rise to challenge of the climate crisis and the coming cost of living storm, collective practical solutions that bring broader economic, environmental, and social benefits are needed.”

For more information on Cyd Innovation, please visit www.cydinnovation.com.