CAFgas CIC is launching it’s first Community DIY SOS project next month and is looking for volunteers to help turn around a local café.

Caffi Dai is located at the Enterprise Centre on Rowley’s Drive Shotton, where Cafgas CIC is also based, and is in need of an interior upgrade.

The café, with the charity HFT, helps people with learning disabilities gain functional skills that can be used to gain employment.

The café was hit hard by the pandemic so CAFgas CIC, which is a heating company, has stepped up to help them.

The DIY SOS is supported by Airbus and Redrow, who are donating equipment and volunteers to the project.

Arco, a company that produces safety equipment, will be donating just that for the project.

Orchard Flooring, in Hawarden, will also be donating a floor to the cause.

Rainbow Biz CIC is also donating a rainbow dragon, which will go on display when the café is finished.

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Local schools will also be involved, such as Edward Morgan RC Primary School, whose pupils will be creating some artwork and one will be put on display in the café.

WATCH: CAFgas CIC's new project to help a local cafe

CAFgas CIC is looking for volunteers who may be able to help with the project, which begins on June 6 and will last a week.

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People with experience in joinery, or who are electricians, or anyone else who thinks they have a skill set that may help can get involved.

On the final day of the project, the plan is to get people with disabilities involved for a few hours and help out with the project.

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James Hunt, the founder of CAFgas CIC and Nanny Biscuit said: “I really hope that the public get behind it. This is going to be the first of many to help the community. We are trying to create a strong network of like-minded individuals who want to get involved in our DIY SOS project in the upcoming future.”

If you want to help, please contact James at