A small, independent North Wales business is getting into the Jubilee spirit, with a special creation for the occasion.

Based in Drury, near Buckley, Felecia Maye Davies , set up Felecia Maye Home Fragrance in October 2020, after a year of testing and product development.

The mum-of-two, who has previously worked in the wedding industry, now specialises in luxury home fragrances and gifts that are vegan friendly and animal cruelty-free.

To mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, the 40-year-old has made an exclusive lily of the valley candle.


Felecia Maye Home Fragrances Lily of the Valley candle in honour of the Queens Platinum Jubilee.

Felecia Maye Home Fragrance's Lily of the Valley candle in honour of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Photo: ElsieLove Photography


Felecia Maye, originally from South Africa, said: "Lily of the Valley has enchanting floral notes of sweet jasmine, honeysuckle and magnolia.

"I had heard that lily of the valley was one of her Majesty's favourite flowers, and is grown in the gardens at Buckingham Palace, so it made perfect sense to make a candle in this scent to celebrate her 70 years of service.

"The label is platinum foiled and embossed with the Coronation Crown, and comes in a luxury white box with a deep purple silk Habotai ribbon.

"I have made handmade a Royal crown wax seal to seal the box. The candle is filled with 100% natural coconut and rapeseed wax, with high-quality fragrance oil."

Felecia Maye spends hours honing the perfect scents for her products.


Gifting and candles by Felecia Maye Home Fragrance.

Gifting and candles by Felecia Maye Home Fragrance. Photo: ElsieLove Photography


She explains: "I've always loved the home fragrance side of things, and would dabble at home myself. I'd try new things, try to make my home smell nice.

"I had a year's worth of testing alongside my job at the time, making candles, wax melts, making sure I got the right scent.

"I also wanted to focus on my products being sustainable and eco-friendly, no nasty toxins.

"And in the July, I left my job and focussed entirely on my business.

"It's gone really well. I think makers have been big over the last two years, with more awareness of them.

"My customer base has followed me on the journey, and it's growing all the time.

"People that find me around Christmas in terms of gifting, will then return or the recipient will top up."


Gifting and candles by Felecia Maye Home Fragrance.

Gifting and candles by Felecia Maye Home Fragrance.  Photo: ElsieLove Photography


Both the products and the scents follow the seasons. For example people lean more towards wax melts in the spring and summer, and the cosiness of a candle in the autumn and winter. As such, Felecia Maye produces spring/summer, autumn/winter and Christmas collections.

But it's not just about finding the perfect scent.

She adds: "I literally do everything! I do my social media, website, I make the products, the labels. I do my boxes, my packaging, everything.

"It's full time job. I have to be disciplined, and have set days. I have days where I have to stop myself from going into the workroom, or I'll make stuff. There have to be admin days, and testing.

"And in the current climate, you have to source supplies carefully, everything can be so expensive. You have to do as much of it as you can by yourself.

"But I absolutely love it, although sometimes I have too many ideas!"

It's hard work but work Felecia Maye has no plans to stop any time soon, and the future smells of success.

• For more details on Felecia Maye Home Fragrance, visit www.feleciamaye.com