ITV Coronation Street actor Jack James Ryan has opened up on his battle with cancer at the age of just 19.

The Corries star, who also appeared in ITV hit Vera, was speaking on Lorraine on Tuesday.

Speaking of his shock following the diagnosis, he said: “I thought it was like an old man cancer. When I found out it was really common in young men, I thought why do we not know about this?

“Getting to be able to tell that story on something like Coronation Street with Jacob would be amazing for me.”

He added: “It was a crazy time. I’ve come through the other side and it’s been a really positive experience. So I want to be able to tell that story.”

Lorraine replied: “That’s an amazing way to be able to think about it, because you caught it early enough and noticed changes.”

Jack said: “Because I caught it early on, I was super lucky with the treatment. I’m fine now, just regular checks. But fingers crossed all good. And now I’m living my dream of getting to go on the cobbles everyday, which is amazing.”

Coronation Street recalls cancer diagnosis

Jack recently opened up about his diagnosis, recalling the moment in recent interview, he said: “My sister had a friend round. I screamed: ‘Rebecca! Rebecca!’ She ran upstairs and I told her that her friend had to go.

"She asked her to leave and she came back upstairs with my mum and I told them what I’d found. It was a trainee doctor and she was a young, pretty girl. I could tell she felt just as awkward as I did.

“There was a male doctor supervising, but she was the one who had to examine me and feel it. It was a bit of a mad experience.”