A "TALENTED chef" who deceived a community about his sex offender status has been put behind bars.

Richard Young, of Stoneley Road in Crewe, appeared for sentence at Mold Crown Court on Wednesday.

The 42-year-old had admitted four offences previously - two of failing to comply with notification requirements as a sex offender, and two of breaching a sexual harm prevention order (SHPO).

Anna Price, prosecuting, told the court that in 2018 Young received a suspended sentence for an offence of voyeurism, which was committed against a child.

He was made the subject of a ten year SHPO, as well as being subject to notification requirements for ten years.

Among others, the orders instructed him to register any change in address with the police, as well as any new devices he might purchase.

He was also prohibited from having unsupervised contact with any female under the age of 16, unless the parents were aware of his criminal background and consented.

The court heard that once his suspended sentence for voyeurism elapsed in early 2020, Young moved to a new address in Wrexham with his partner.

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He lived in what the court heard was an "extremely close-knit community" for 19 months without informing the police, during which he got to know others who had small children.

During the time of the offence, Ms Price said, people in that neighbourhood were "in and out of each other's houses," and were invited to social gatherings where the children were present.

There were even occasions when he supervised young girls alone while they played.

Young was arrested at his place of work in November last year and had three devices seized from him; a laptop and two phones.

None of these devices had been registered with the police.

In a statement read out to the court, a parent living in the community where Young had moved said they were "furious" that he had ingratiated himself in their lives and deceived them - adding they never would have allowed their children near him if they had known his background.

The Leader: Richard Young. Image: North Wales PoliceRichard Young. Image: North Wales Police

Henry Hills, defending, told the court the defendant was due to be married in the coming weeks.

He invited the court to step back from immediate custody, adding: "He's under no illusion about the gravity of this predicament.

"There is no suggestion he has sought to engage in further sexual offending.

"He said he is embarrassed and ashamed.

"Once he made the decision to set out and live a different life and not inform anyone, the situation got entrenched and he felt increasingly unable to tell anyone.

"He has a very strong work ethic. He's a skilled chef and has been offered a very good job.

"It is my submission he has learned a valuable lesson and will not repeat this behaviour."

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But Judge Rhys Rowlands described the offending as a "flagrant breach of court orders over a lengthy period of time."

The Judge said he was "quite prepared" to ignore the court orders because they didn't "suit" him, adding that the parents in the area at that time had any idea about his conviction.

"You're hoping to get married next month," Judge Rowlands told him.

"You have an awful lot to lose by immediate custody.

"But in your case it is entirely clear that there is no prospect of rehabilitation at present.

"It was a calculated, persistent attempt to subvert the court's orders."

The Judge handed down a total sentence of 14 months in jail.

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