A chainshaw artist made a welcome return to competitive carving as he claimed top prize at a recent event. 

Simon O'Rourke came out on top in Sandringham at the Living Heritage event, with his 'ascension' sculpture. 

It was Simon's first competition in four years and it was a successful return for the carver based in Wrexham. 

Simon has fond memories of Sandringham, a place he says 'kick started' his career. 

The competition was between 15 carvers who had 25 hours over the space of three days to create their masterpieces. 

The theme was left open to the carvers, which allowed Simon to try something he'd been wanting to do for a while. 

The Leader: The starting point (left) and the finished product (right)The starting point (left) and the finished product (right)

He said: "I've had that idea in my head for a while and I've been experimenting with some smaller pieces. 

"So this was about challenging myself to do something on a larger scale. It's a theme I've been wanting to do for ages.

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"With being so busy, I very rarely get to carve things I want to do, so this was a really nice comeback."

Despite it being his first competition in four years, Simon has already got an upcoming event in his sights after what was a 'very enjoyable' weekend. 

He added: "The best part about the UK events is being able to socialise with some of my carving friends. 

"Normally the top prizes get auctioned off but I've been able to bring mine back with me, which I'm fairly happy about. 

"I've got it at the workshop, it is nice to have it on display. 

"Obviously if someone wanted to buy it then they could, but I'm happy having it at the minute."

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