For comedy fans a Mold theatre's monthly comedy club is a must. The line-up for next month's (Sunday, May 1) at Theatr Clwyd includes Hayley Elis, Paul Pirie, Lorna Pritchard and Anglesey's very own Tudur Owen.

We sat down with Tudur for a quick chat to find out more...

You are a familiar face at Theatr Clwyd. What's it like to be back again at the venue?

I love Theatr Clwyd, it's always a great crowd and I get to talk about some obscure stuff that's relevant only to us in Wales which is always fun.

How did you get started in comedy?

I started in comedy almost by accident when I was working as a television studio floor manager. Part of the job was to keep studio audiences occupied when we ran into technical problems, which was often, so I realised I enjoyed the challenge of making people laugh.

For those that might not have seen you perform before what can people expect?

I was described once as "very Welsh" and that was by BBC Wales! So I suppose my Welshness defines me as much as anything.

You are doing a paddle board challenge in May, how is prep for that going and do we get to hear about it in the show?

It's been too cold to get out on the paddle board as much as I would have like recently. So I need to get cracking and get my sea legs in shape for this challenge or I'll end up in the Menai Strait and not on it.

What is your favourite (clean) joke?

Smile and the whole world smiles with you. Smirk and you get the whole seat to yourself on the train.

• Comedy Club May will take place at Theatr Clwyd on Sunday, May 1 in the Anthony Hopkins Theatre. Tickets are from £10. The recommended age for this event is 16+ as it may contain strong language. Booking available at or by calling the box office on 01352 344101.