POLLING watchdog the Electoral Commission is advising Denbighshire County Council on how to deal with a situation which has developed after it sent out the wrong advice to postal voters, a Llangollen blogger has discovered.

The council told voters in a message last Friday that they would only be able to vote for one candidate in the county and community/town council elections on May 5.

However, in a number of wards of Denbighshire - including Llangollen - there is more than one seat to fill.

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On Saturday evening the council put up a message on its website apologising for "any confusion" and stressing that in all cases the instructions on the individual ballot papers was correct and would indicate clearly how many votes may be marked.

It also pointed people towards the council website to get more advice.

This is: https://www.denbighshire.gov.uk/en/your-council/voting-and-elections/county-council-elections-local-elections.aspx  or from the Elections Unit on 01824 706000 (Monday to Friday 8.30am-5pm), e:mail:  elections@denbighshire.gov.uk

Yesterday afternoon Llanblogger asked the Electoral Commission to confirm whether it was involved with the matter.

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And a spokesperson said: "We are aware of the issue relating to an incorrect information sheet included within postal voting packs.

"It is important to note that the instruction on the ballot papers themselves is accurate.

"We are in contact with the local authority to provide advice, and understand that they are taking steps to correct this error and issuing new information to affected voters.”

Denbighshire County Council has been asked to comment.

It is understood that a number of county candidates have expressed concern about the situation and how it could affect the result of the election.

In Llangollen there are two county council seats in contention with six candidates standing for them.

The candidates are:

Butters Dawn Welsh, Conservative Party

Davies Stuart Arthur, Independent 

Edwards Karen Anne, Independent

Jarvis Roger Welsh. Conservative Party

Keddie Paul, Independent

Marshall Sarah, Wales Green Party

There will be no election on May 5 for Llangollen Town Council as only six candidates were announced for the 11 vacant seats. The remaining five seats will therefore have to be filled by co-option.