Some time ago I shared photos of a long gone nightclub in Wrexham to the Leader's Local Bygones Facebook group.

The chat about the region's dancing and drinking venues is still going strong!

Not growing up in the area, I casually ask a Wrexham born and bred colleague if she can name any former nightclubs in Wrexham.

Oh boy, there have been a few. And if the comments in the Local Bygones group are anything to go by, many of you have a memory or two.

Who remembers Peppers? Tina Langford certainly does, revealing she met her future husband there.

Must have been romance in the air, with Chris Ellis also meeting their husband at Peppers in 1987.

Julia Pleavin worked there, as did Mark La Roberts, who declared those days "great times".

Nikki Hodges agreed: "Loved Peppers! Dancing to The Cult's She Sells Sanctuary and Depeche Mode's Just Can't Get Enough. The dance floor used to shake and the songs used to jump on the turntable!"

And Carlie Melissa said what I think we can all agree with: "I'm so glad social media and camera phones were not a big thing back then!"

Whatever the venue - The Ferryman, Razzamatazz, Scotts, Club XS, Cotton Club, Bonkers, Central Station... there's a sticky floor, song or sweetheart that made those late nights worth it.