A MUCH-loved cat which hangs out at a Flintshire supermarket has still got shoppers smiling.

The Leader previously reported on Thomas the ginger cat who is a regular feature of the Tesco store in Ponterwyl, Mold.

The loveable feline can often be seen hanging about near the plants and ornaments outside the shop.

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Thomas, also hailed as 'the Tesco mascot' and nicknamed 'Tom', is said to belong to the nearby Grange Vets.

Jon Muscott, who previously provided the Leader with photos of the cat, has again taken this one above of him sitting on top of a customer's car at the Mold Tesco store.

He posted the picture to the 'Mold and Surrounding Areas Development and Discussion Forum' on Facebook along with the caption 'Tesco Tom, still cheeky ...'

Another resident commented: "Love seeing Tom on my visits to Tesco, brightens my day x.'

A second resident added: "He's got half of Mold wrapped around his paws when he wants some affection."

While another joked: "Great picture but I think the cat needs parking lessons."

The Leader:

PIC: Tom reads the sign in his honour.

Thomas has become such a regular visitor to the Tesco store over the last few months that a notice in his honour has been placed outside.

It reads: "I have a loving home and I am a healthy cat. PLEASE DO NOT FEED ME. Meow."