Easter Sunday is just a few days away now, which means Easter Eggs will start flying off the shelves, and if you're not quick enough you'll be left with crumbs. 

But do not worry as there are plenty of last-minute options from home delivery to taking a trip to the supermarket. 

Moonpig, Aldi and more places all have a great range of yummy Easter Eggs and gifts. 

And we've even saved you a job by rounding all the best deals up that are guaranteed to arrive in time for Easter Sunday and won't break the bank. 

The Leader: The Eggsplorer. (Moonpig) The Eggsplorer. (Moonpig)

Last Minute Easter Egg deals:

Lindt Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Gold Bunny-

Get this scrumptious chocolate egg delivered straight to your door in time for Easter. 

With the iconic Lindt bunny and the luxury chocolate egg included, you can buy it now for just £12. 

Gnaw Milk Chocolate Eggsplorer Easter Egg-

Perfect for anyone that likes an adventure, the Eggsplorer is a mil chocolate egg decorated with gummy eggs and sugar-coated mini chocolate treats.

The egg costs just £12 and you can even wait until Friday and still get it delivered in time for Easter, buy it now from Moonpig.

Cadbury Crème Egg Favourites Box-

If you know someone that loves a Creme Egg then this is perfect, with 20 eggs all nestled in a Cadbury gift box. 

The favourites box cost just £22 and you can get it now straight from Moonpig.

The Leader: Mini Egg gift. (Moonpig)Mini Egg gift. (Moonpig)

Mini Egg Easter Sharing Pack (1.1kg)

If you can't be with someone you love this Easter but you still want to send them a gift, then this is the perfect gift. 

With 10 Mini Egg Bars, this sharing pack is the ideal gift and will make someone very happy you can buy it now for £15 via Moonpig.

Moser Roth Belgian Milk & White Chocolate Caramel Egg Slab 120g

Aldi is selling tones of great Easter ranges including this Egg slab with roasted hazelnuts, white chocolate, and Carmel. 

You can get it now for just £3.99 via the Aldi website. 

Moser Roth Milk Chocolate Bunny 100g

Get a Moser Roth bunny that even features an adorable bow tie and a little bunny charm. 

And the best thing is it only costs £1.49 and you can buy it now straight from the website. 

The Leader: Moser Roth Chocolate slab. (Aldi)Moser Roth Chocolate slab. (Aldi)

Dairyfine Sonny The Sloth Chocolate Egg 100g

Bag two gifts for the price of one, with a sonny the sloth teddy and a chocolate egg. 

Even better it's under £10 at just £4.99, buy it now via Aldi.

Moser Roth Blonde Chocolate Geometric Egg 120g

If you like white chocolate then this caramelised Belgian egg in a geometric style will make your day. 

At just £2.99 it's a great price and you can get it now.

Cadbury 5 Medium Chocolate Easter Egg Bundle

If you need to get loads of eggs and have no time to run to the shops then do not panic. 

As Amazon has a bundle of five Cadbury eggs for just £17.90 altogether, get it now via the website. 

Baileys Sundae Milk Chocolate Easter Egg 220g

This delicious treat for adults will make someone very happy, with its Baileys infused chocolate and hand-decorated design. 

The egg is just £14.99 and you can get next-day delivery. 

The Leader: Belgian Milk Chocolate Floral Easter Egg. (M&S)Belgian Milk Chocolate Floral Easter Egg. (M&S)

M&S Belgian Milk Chocolate Floral Easter Egg-

Created by the brand's own skilled chocolatiers, this Collection egg is crafted from smooth Belgian chocolate and hand-decorated with sugar flowers. 

You can get this luxurious Easter Egg delivered straight to your door for just £15 via the M&S website. 

M&S Chicky Choccy Treats Easter Letterbox Gift-

If you can't be with your loved ones this Easter but still want to send them some love, then the Easter Letterbox gift is perfect.

The gift includes four bubbly bunnies, a Chicky Choccy Speckled Eggs, a net of Choccy Eggs, a net of Caramel Eggs, two orange speckled eggs, milk choc corn. 

You can get it now for £25 via M&S.

Percy Pig Easter Egg Hunt Gift Bag-

If you're a Percy Pig fan then look no further as M&S has all the Easter Percy you could need with the Hunt Gift Bag. 

The gift bag includes two Percy Pig penny bags, Percy and Penny Hogs and Kisses, Easter Party Percy, Percy Pig Sweets, Percy Pigs Easter Egg Hunt kit, and Percy Pig Online Exclusive gift bag. 

You can get the gift bag now for £30 via the M&S website.