A survey has revealed what makes up the perfect full English breakfast leaving out two classic ingredients.

Unsurprisingly, the cooked breakfast came out as the nation’s favourite morning meal in the research carried out by Farmhouse Inns, with more than half of respondents naming it their number one.

With 54 per cent of the vote, a full breakfast wiped the floor with the competition, beating porridge (7%), cereal (7%) and pancakes (6%).

The perfect full English breakfast

As a nation, the most loved element of a full brekkie is bacon, with a quarter of Brits (24%) naming it their favourite item ahead of sausage (18%), with eggs (14%) coming in third place.

When it comes to what we’d rather do without, more than a third (35%) voted to remove the humble black pudding and over one in ten (13%) would want to get rid of tomato from our plates.

According to the data, the UK’s perfect full English is made up of:

  • Two rashers of bacon
  • Two eggs
  • Two sausages
  • Two hash browns
  • Toast (white bread)
  • Beans
  • Mushrooms
  • Ketchup
  • A mug of tea to wash it down!

Breakfast eggs – Fried, scrambled or poached?

Eggs might be a breakfast staple, but the nation is divided on how we like to have them cooked. The most egg-cellent choice for 33 per cent of Brits was fried and 25 per cent would prefer scrambled. However, one in four of us (25%) would also vote for a poached egg with their breakfast.

The Leader: How people like their breakfast eggs across the UK. Picture: Farmhouse InnsHow people like their breakfast eggs across the UK. Picture: Farmhouse Inns

Emma Smith, senior marketing manager at Farmhouse Inns said: “Our breakfasts are freshly prepared every morning, so if you want to fuel up with an all you can eat breakfast, head in to your local Farmhouse Inns and enjoy your breakfast just how you like it.”

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