AN ACCLAIMED local drag queen has been inundated with donations towards his humanitarian trip to Ukraine. 

The Leader recently reported that Ian Davies, known by his stage name Shaggerada, will be leading a team of ex-military personnel on a humanitarian aid mission to the Ukraine-Poland border. 

They will be taking a 40ft articulated lorry, kindly donated by a local business, filled with donations to hand out to those in need after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

The Leader: Ian Davies is best-known for his acclaimed drag act.Ian Davies is best-known for his acclaimed drag act.

And Ian, whose act is known across the UK and beyond, has been overwhelmed by the support for the scheme. 

In the Counselling Hub charity shop in Mold, one of the collection points, there are boxes stacked almost touching the ceiling. 

The Leader: Some of the boxes-full of donations. Some of the boxes-full of donations.

One person even donated his own market stall of kids' clothing towards the appeal. 

Ian said: "I’m uncomfortable with praise and genuinely feel charity should be selfless, when possible anonymous without any self gratification. But I know that my Shaggerada platform is the perfect tool for awareness and help.

"But this operation would not be on its feet if it wasn’t for the amazing team of volunteers and the generosity of everyone's who donated.

"Special mentions to Sandra Williams, Mike Williams, Paula Ringeval Johnson and all the team/family at The Counselling Hub Charity, my husband, Mark, all our wonderful friends and most importantly - the public.

"Their kindness and generosity has truly blown me away - I have been in tears so many times."

Ian's team will be loading up on April 2 and 3, and departing on April 4.

They are no longer asking for donations as they have so many, but instead for people to give up their time to help load the items onto the truck on April 2 and 3.

A JustGiving page has also raised over £4,000 for the Ukraine appeal. 

You can donate to it via