As the cost of living is set to go up even further in April, financial expert Martin Lewis is offering extra help.

Airing tonight on ITV is the final in the current series of The Martin Lewis Money Show - an hour-long special going out live.

The extended show is a cost of living special where the Money Saving Expert is offering advice on reducing the cost of bills and other tips to save cash.

Going live to Rachael in Nottinghamshire, she explained how she followed Martin's advice on water bills from an earlier show and saved £500per year.

She did this by switching to metered water. Here's how you coud make a saving too.

Martin Lewis advice for saving on water bills

As water bills are poised to rise by an average of 2% Martin had some advice which could actually see the cost of your water going down.

Martin asked: "More or the same bedrooms than people in your home?"

If the answer is yes, then you could be paying too much for your water and getting a water meter will likely cut costs.

Go to the calculator to check.

If you are already on a water meter, the show also highlighted water saving freebies meaning saving to your bills too.

Visit and enter your postcode for what you are eligible to receive. 

These water saving tips can also help to save energy too which is especially helpful right now.