POLICE have raised concerns over sightings of pyrotechnic smoke devices being used at Wrexham AFC matches after a teenager was reportedly injured by one.

Numerous sightings of the smoke grenade/flare-type items were made in the club’s recent away game at Chesterfield.

Dedicated Football Officer, Dave Evans has warned supporters about the risks involved in using these devices near other spectators at large public events.

He said: “We do seem to have an issue again with pyrotechnics, flares, and smoke grenades being used by supporters at games.

“There were several spotted among the away fans in the stands at Chesterfield last week, where one was also thrown onto the pitch.

“A report made directly to me after the Chesterfield fixture stated that a 14-year-old Wrexham fan had sustained minor injuries and burn marks to his clothing after being struck by one of these objects whilst at the game.

“We are working with Derbyshire to review CCTV footage from the game to identify those responsible.

“There does seem to be a misconception among some fans that using these items is not very dangerous and that’s simply not true.

“I would appeal to all supporters to be aware of just how dangerous and potentially unstable these devices are.”

Supporters attending games who are found to have thrown any objects from the stands will be arrested.

Possession of fireworks or flares at sports grounds is also an arrestable offence, with lengthy banning orders also enforceable.

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DFO Evans added: “I’d urge everyone to refrain from taking pyro devices to matches - where crowds make the risk of potential injury a very real threat.

“Flares, smoke grenades and fireworks are banned at games in the UK for a reason - they have the potential to cause harm and distress. They also pose a serious fire risk.

“Those who use these devices are endangering themselves and others. Anyone found to be using them at matches will be dealt with in the strictest terms.”

Wrexham AFC has been approached for comment.