BETSI Cadwaladr Health Board has vowed to improve the "abysmal" parking situation at Wrexham Maelor Hospital. 

Both patients and staff have complained of the lack of free parking spaces at the hospital - which includes disabled spaces. 

One person claims they counted 14 cars without blue badges in display parked in disabled spaces during a recent visit.

There are no parking charges at the hospital, but people must display a valid parking ticket.

However, it is claimed that people flout these rules.

Dozens of people took to a local social media group to bemoan the situation.

One person said: "My daughter parked up last week and the woman next her proceeded to walk to town. My husband had a row there with a woman who was parking up then getting into another car. He stopped her - she was car sharing to Oswestry. It’s not acceptable.

"I remember when my Dad was dying I used to be anxious about getting a space - got enough to deal with without that."

Another added: "It's the people who leave cars there and work in Wrexham that are the problem. Totally selfish, they should be ashamed of themselves."

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Some people think parking charges should be reintroduced to deter this kind of behaviour.

"It's dreadful there - perhaps charge to park and all proceeds go back to the hospital,"one person said.

Another added: "When you had to pay for parking there was plenty of space."

And the situation is just as bad for staff members.

One said: "Parking on a late shift is a nightmare, I have to leave home way earlier than I should because I know how long I’ll be driving around looking for a spot to park."

Health chiefs at the hospital have acknowledged the issue, and are asking people to park responsibly.

Ian Donnelly, acute care director at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, said: "We are currently working on various initiatives to improve the situation for patients, relatives and staff at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, including a wayfinding project and plans to increase the number of disabled parking spaces.

"We understand that parking can be difficult and stressful at busy times, and we are seeing an increase in people parking on site, which we believe is due to the reopening of services following Covid-19 and winter pressures. 

"While we know at times parking at the Wrexham Maelor site can be challenging, we ask patients, visitors and staff to not park in disabled car parking spaces on the hospital site, unless you have a disabled blue badge to display.  

"We are working closely with our Patient and Carer Experience Team to monitor the impact this has on patients attending appointments."