THE NANNY Biscuit pantry is moving to a bigger premises as it ramps up community support amid the cost of living crisis.

The scheme has been running at Connah's Quay Cricket Club and sees people able to buy 15 essential items for just £3.

It is designed to help people combat the rising cost of living.

The Leader:

From March 5, it will move to Quay Stone Chapel, next to Wepre Post Office, on the High Street in Connahs Quay.

As well as acting as the pantry, it will also play host to the Connah's Quay school uniform exchange scheme - which helps parents struggling to afford to buy uniforms for their children.

Connah's Quay xouncillor, Bernie Attridge, said: "I am really pleased that Councilor Debbie Owen Owen has secured a bigger premises on the High Street in Connahs Quay.

"This bigger premises will allow Nanny Biscuit to expand to include the Flintshire uniform exchange scheme. The Pantry is a lifeline for so many people who are struggling in this cost of living crises - people are telling me they are choosing to heat or eat, which is very sad."

Nanny Biscuit is local community organisation that provides a wide range of support for vulnerable people. 

it strives to o reduce strain on local public sector organisations by increasing social awareness and community spirit, promoting and inspiring good mental and physical health, reducing loneliness and isolation, and reducing our carbon footprint.

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