A comedy version of a classic tale is set to make its debut at a Flintshire theatre next month.

For over 10 years the award-winning Le Navet Bete have been turning stories we know and love on their head.

Now their fifth full-length show, The Three Musketeers, is coming to Mold's Theatr Clwyd.

Performed with just a cast of four, the company take on 40 characters, 50 different outfits and 112 costume changes, as Alexandre Dumas' 700-page historical classic is condensed into two hours of mayhem and madness.

Featuring hilarious heroics, raucous romances and some bonkers fun with BMX bikes, this comic reimagining is all for one and every man for himself.

Published and licensed worldwide by Nick Hern Books in 2019, the show is the company's second co-production with the Exeter Northcott Theatre and fifth collaboration with one of UK theatre's leading comedy directors and writers John Nicholson.

Al Dunn, co-artistic director of Le Navet Bete said: "This is a Musketeers unlike any other. It has all the elements of an epic story that we have turned inside out and put our chaotic comic spin on to make the show bursts off the stage – literally!

"We've got the best creative team we've had to date behind us on this so expect big laughs, unexpected characters and a night at the theatre you'll never forget.'

Co-writer and director John Nicholson added: "Le Navet Bete have an inimitable flair for multi-character work and also a love/predilection for bonkers story-telling.

"The Three Musketeers is a really fun prospect for Le Navet Bete.

"It's a widely known and well-loved story which is often played for laughs in amongst the drama but in the hands this company, it hits the funny bone hard.

"With just four performers, it's a distinctive offering.'

• The Three Musketeers will be performed in the Anthony Hopkins Theatre from March 1-5. Tickets are from £10. Booking available at www.theatrclwyd.com or on 01352 344101.