POLLING suggests people in England prefer the approach the Welsh Government has taken to Covid-19 regulations, Wales’s economy minister has claimed as he said all Covid restrictions in Wales could be lifted by the end of March.

Speaking during a press conference on Friday, Vaughan Gething responded to questions about the cautious approach being taken in Wales to lifting face mask requirements.

He said: “We know from the polling evidence that not only is the gradual approach of the Welsh Government supported by people in Wales in overwhelming numbers, but the majority of people in England prefer the Welsh approach too.

“If anything, people are more concerned that we’re moving too quickly.

“This is about moving in time with the advice we get, bringing the public with us, and being honest about the fact that this really is supported by the latest public health advice.”

During the conference, Mr Gething was asked why rules on face coverings and self-isolation were not being removed in Wales sooner.

He said that the advice from scientific experts is that a gradual change is the best thing to do at the moment.

Mr Gething said: "We're anticipating that by the next review at the start of March, we may be in a position to remove the last remaining protective measures by the end of March.

"But, that of course depends on the evidence at the time and on the expert public health advice that we get."

He said that changes will only happen if it is a "proportionate thing to do with public health advice to support doing so".

Mr Gething went on to say that face masks helped stop the spread of the virus and believes that people will continue to wear them even if it is not a legal requirement.

Mr Gething was pushed on when the country could see restrictions set aside, and if keeping rules in place for longer than England is about playing politics.

He said: “I can say to anyone and everyone, the measures we are taking are on the back of expert scientific advice and public health advice from our chief medical officer.

“And we’ll continue to take that advice as we do look forward to a time when there can be no restrictions in place.

“It is possible that will come at the end of March if the public health position remains positive.

He added: “We’ve been regular and predictable in the way we’ve made choices here in Wales.”