A chainsaw carver from Flintshire has finished work on his latest project - a 12 foot dragon.

Ian Williams, who runs his own carving business based in Flint Mountain, completed the 12 foot and two tonne dragon carving after eight days, resulting in a combined total of 48 hours.

The Leader: The finished piece of workThe finished piece of work

Ian said he is regularly asked whether or not he would be able to complete such a feat, something which he now has the answer too!

He said: "The public always ask me if I can carve dragons, January is always a slow month from normal work so I decided to carve this piece.

"It's amazing for me to achieve really, to carve something so big. The wings had to be attached with steel rods, which is something I've never done before, but it had to be done for it to look right.

"It's taken longer than normal because it was my first time having a go at something like this, but I think if I was to do it again, it would be a quicker process."

Ian has yet to decide where the dragon will end up permanently, but is open to local businesses or schools benefitting from his work.

"I'd be happy for schools or businesses to use the dragon for a week or so if we can get the transport sorted, I'd be able to deliver it to places which could help.

"The National Trust have also been in touch and they're talking about using it for a project in the future. Perhaps it can be used to promote someone or something in our area.

"I would be willing to sell it, but we'll have to wait and see."

For more information about Ian and his work visit: https://www.ianwilliams-chainsawcarving.com/