THE question of what should be done to boost Flintshire and Wrexham's High Streets is often asked.

While Mold has bucked the trend and seen a renaissance it independent shops and food outlets, Wrexham often faces criticism for its perceived decline.


The queue to get into the Debenhams closing down sale at Eagles Meadow, Wrexham

The queue to get into the Debenhams closing down sale at Eagles Meadow, Wrexham


Our towns, like those throughout the UK, have experienced the loss of major High Street chains such as Woolworths, Debenhams, Mothercare, and British Home Stores to name but a few.

For some the answer, is for smaller, independent retailers to take on the empty spaces in our towns.

While others long for the return of some of the extinct brands.

With that in mind we asked Leader readers to share their thoughts on what shops they would like to see return in the region.


Woolworths, Wrexham. Shoppers queing before opening.

Woolworths, Wrexham. Shoppers queing before opening.


The overwhelming favourite answer was Woolies. It seems even after more than a decade people long for the Pick n Mix, music chart, and Back to School stationary of Woolworths.


Primark: The fashion chains The Mall Blackburn branch

Primark: The fashion chain's The Mall Blackburn branch


Other retailers on peoples wish lists included Primark, Zara, Poundland, Lush, Flannels, TK Maxx, Build a Bear, Victoria's Secret, TJ Hughes, IKEA, Lego, Smyths, and HMV.

Shoe and clothes shops, hardware shops, greengrocers and butchers were types of outlet people said they would like to see in their towns.


Steve James behind the Butchers counter in the Rhug Estate Farmshop.

Steve James behind the Butcher's counter in the Rhug Estate Farmshop.


Others thought that in the case of Wrexham, it needed to refocus and relocate some of its retail outlets.

Since Debenhams went bust, the flagship unit at Eagles Meadow has been empty.

Many who responded would like to see this space used for entertainment and cafes, while retail was concentrated in the town centre.

Evelyn Williamson said: "Needs a complete revamp bring back Debenhams town is old and worn out!"

Becca Wilcox said: "Why not move all the shops from eagles meadow into the town and just have restaurants and sports bars etc in Eagles Meadow. That would be good."

Ursula Richards replied: " I've said that for a long time now. It makes sense to me."

Lindy Jones agreed, adding: "All the shops in Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre could be moved onto the high street and Eagles Meadow be used for bars and restaurants."

Layton Evans added: "One thing is big for me is all shops in one location got to walk miles in Wrexham and if you go Cheshire Oaks you can park for free and all shops in one big location."

Sarah Evans said: None of those shops would of gone down if they were closer together, Wrexham's a blag to shop in. Park here park there one end to try buy clothes another end for something else. It needs to be all in one place like everywhere else - it’s a ghost town."

Away from Wrexham, people had ideas of what they would like to see in their towns.

Rachel Booth said: "Indoor market would have been good for Shotton and Connah’s Quay."

Paul Roberts said: "Buckley needs a fishing tackle shop and a fishmongers."

And some were quite specific with what they wanted.

Louisa Love added: "Pram, nursery, car seat type place. I had to go to Chester and Llandudno to get stuff."

Aimee Harris said: "A shop that sells socks,knickers and shoes, another shop that sels baby items and food as well breastpads, and another shop for people who are like coeliac.

Alan Hinton added: "Wrexham FC club shop and fans coffee shop combined."

Emily Celestine Gresham said: "More clothing shops for plus size fashion, Paperchase, Bodyshop, Lush, more shoe shops, a couple of nice delicatessens, John Lewis, TK Maxx back in town, antiques shops and more shops for buying homeware.

"A massive emporium of alternative, quirky fashion."

Chris Davies suggested: "Good old hardware shop where you can buy anything from a screw to toaster."

Finally, there were some people who were not so picky about what shops were on the High Street as long as there were some.

Gary Higgins said: "In this current climate any shop is a good shop on the High Street."

Lyn Aston added: "Help for retailers to at least remain open."