Wrexham and Flintshire residents have reported their dentist struggles after unions warn 'NHS dentistry is hanging by a thread'.

The warning came from the British Dental Association comes after 83 dental posts were lost in Wales during the last year.

The BDA’s Shawn Charlwood warned significant numbers of dentists were planning on leaving the NHS.

Betsi Cadwaladr had admitted they were concerned about the number of dentists leaving North Wales, which increases the wait for patients to receive treatment.

Gill Harris, Executive Director of Integrated Clinical Delivery, said: “We are concerned about the number of dentists who are leaving the area and have been working with our independent contractors and the Local Dental Committee to address this over a number of years.

“Throughout the Covid pandemic our dental team have worked closely to support practices and ensure continuity of provision. We are commissioning a number of innovative emergency, urgent and non-urgent sessions from practices.”

With some waits over three years, being removed from patient lists and having to spend a fortune to go private, residents from Wrexham and Flintshire have given their thoughts on dentistry in the region.

Nicola said: "I couldn’t get an NHS dentist for love nor money as there was nothing around here less than two years waiting time.

"I had to go private or do nothing at all, which wasn’t an option. I have gone private with a fantastic dentist who made me a treatment plan so I didn’t have to pay it all at once. There are ways round NHS waiting times and private treatment costs sometimes."

Hannah added: "I can’t get in an NHS Dentist as waiting lists were over two years. I had to go private as was having extremely severe toothache. I had to have a root canal treatment costing over £700."

Some residents say they have struggled to even speak to someone on the phone, while Rhiannon said: "My partner has been trying to get in a dentist for two years nearly. For the last two months he has been on the phone to the emergency line and 111 and still no appointment. My dentist want to charge him for an appointment."

While one resident has had to take matters into his own hands.

Nathan said: "I went to the dentist in October because my wisdom tooth cracked in half, they said I have to go to the hospital to have it taken out. They said I'm on the urgent list because I had an exposed nerve, I'm still waiting for my appointment so I took it out myself."

It isn't all bad experiences though, Pauline said: "Ours has been amazing … emergency appointment for broken tooth and a scheduled check up with next appointment made . NHS Dentist too. Can’t fault it."

Linda added: "I've seen my dentist for check up and treatment. They've been amazing. Couldn't ask for better service. Both of my children have had check ups too. My daughter has been to see orthodontics twice and has appointment for tooth extraction prior to going back."