BROOKE Vincent has been giving fans an insight to her family life as it was revealed she will not be returning to the Coronation Street cobbles.

Brooke, who has played Sophie Webster, has been absent from the show for some time after becoming a mum.

But this week hopes she would return to the Street anytime soon were dashed.

And looking at her Instagram, which has 940,000 followers, she won't be missing the Rovers as she is living her best life with her partner West Bromwich Albion footballer Kean Bryan, 25.

Brooke and Kean have two sons, Mexx, two, and eight-month-old Monroe.

Brooke shared photos of her recent family holiday in Tenerife, as she went hiking with the boys and had fun swimming.

She also posted photos from Christmas, joking it was difficult to get the boys to pose for a nice family picture.

However, life as a young mum isn't all sunshine holidays and visits to Santa.

In one Instagram post, Brooke said: "This past week the boys have been chaos, their sleeping and bedtime routine hasn’t been going according to plan, which then effects their moods throughout the day.

"I feel like I post a lot of our 'funny times' because even in the middle of the hardest times they both make me laugh so much, yet the times where I actually don’t know how to make things better or what our next move is going to be is much harder to document and express.

"To speak openly and honestly, especially on social media is sometimes hard but I read this today and it literally broke my heart!! My boys! My babies!! I’m THEIR person.

"So whether that’s at 2.45am when Monroe will not settle back to sleep or 4pm when Mexx is refusing to eat his dinner.. I’m THEIR person & that’s more than enough! Being a Mummy can sometimes be so hard, yet the constant rewards are not far behind!! Sending all you other parents lots of love!!

"Here’s to being forever their person… How lucky we are."

And in another post she said she couldn't imagine not being a mummy.

She said: "I look back at who we were before we were 'Mummy & Daddy”'when we used to plan dinner instead of soft play and when the only time we were up before 6.30am was to go on holiday.

"Nothing is the same & everything has changed except my love for you.

"Side by side on this crazy adventure! My forever."