After a shed theft in the Newbridge area, North Wales Police have issued some crime prevention advice.

As a result of the recent theft, NWP aim to potentially prevent further cases of theft by offering residents some crime prevention tips.

North Wales Police have started conducting area patrols and have said they will continue over the coming nights. In a post on their community alerts page, they said:

"During the darker winter months, items such as bikes and power tools will become more attractive to thieves, so don't make it easy for them.

"Following on from a theft from a shed in the Newbridge area, here are some simple crime prevention tips for you to look at to help prevent such thefts."

These are the seven tips NWP have recommended:

1. Ensure the shed is in good condition; replace any damaged or rotten areas with new wood.

2. Fit two heavy duty pad-bolts or hasps; a third down from the top and a third up from the bottom.

3. Use threaded coach-bolts with large washers or ideally backing plates to prevent the bolts being pulled through the wood; screws can easily be pulled out of the thin doors. Use large quality padlocks with hardened steel shackles.

4. Fit key operated locks on the corners of each opening window, or consider screwing them permanently shut from the inside if you never open them.

5. Fix mesh or bars on the inside of the windows.

6. Extend your house alarm if the out-house is attached to your building or purchase an inexpensive battery operated shed alarm.

7. Thread a chain through all garden tool handles, lawn mowers, cycles and other items and use a strong padlock.

Police have asked residents to make them aware of any similar incidents by phoning 101 or 999 in an emergency.