A COUNTY councillor has welcomed news that work on a safer routes to school scheme is starting.

Connah's Quay councillor Bernie Attridge has been campaigning for the safety measures to be introduced outside Ysgol Bryn Deva in Connah's Quay.

The measures are introduce a number of double yellow lines and keep clear road markings outside the school, where too many cars are parking on the streets, limiting access to homes and causing safety issues.

There have been grave concerns for the safety of children attending the school, as well as local residents unable to access their driveways.

They were agreed a year ago, but their implementation was delayed, with Flintshire Council citing the Covid-19 pandemic as the reason.

Councillor Attridge was "furious" with the delay, but has been given assurance that the process to implement the traffic orders is now underway.

He said: "I am pleased that the process has started for the introduction of Traffic Orders and no waiting at any time around the school.

"I am hoping that the measures that are introduced will make it safer for our young learners parents and carers who attend the school daily.

"I would urge everyone to park responsibly, because if you don't then enforcement will be the last resort."

On Sunday, 'no parking' cones were placed outside Ysgol Bryn Deva School to replicate the proposed traffic orders ahead of their implementation.