The first case of a patient infected with both coronavirus and the seasonal flu has been confirmed in Israel.

The infection was found in an unvaccinated pregnant women in a sickness experts have dubbed ‘flurona’, reports The Times of Israel.

The woman tested positive for both viruses in Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva city, Israel, last Thursday.

The double infection has also been recorded in the United States as far back as Spring 2020 but this is the first time it has been named ‘flurona’.

'Flurona' – should you be concerned?

It is worth noting ‘flurona’ is not a new variant of coronavirus and just a rare occasion of patients testing positive for both illnesses at the same time.

This could be down to more patients being tested for influenza as lockdowns become less common nearly two years into the pandemic.

Medical experts expect more cases to be recorded however the patient in Israel suffered mild symptoms.

What are the likely symptoms of 'flurona'?

It’s difficult for scientists to pinpoint specific symptoms but effects of flurona will likely be a combination of both coronavirus and influenza.

Both illnesses are similar in that they can cause difficulty breathing since both attack the upper respiratory tract.

The main symptoms are likely to include a high temperature, fatigue, aches, sneezing, a dry cough and/or scratchy throat.

As restrictions ease amid a rise in Omicron cases it is increasingly likely new cases could emerge however no cases have been recorded in the UK so far.