By Sam Rowlands

MS for North Wales

Labour and Plaid Cymru Co-operation Agreement

The writing has been on the wall for a long time – before May’s election even – Plaid Cymru have done what they usually do and propped up another Labour Government in Cardiff Bay.

Let’s not forget that in September 2020, just eight months before May’s Senedd Elections, Plaid Cymru Leader, Adam Price, insisted that he “wouldn’t support a Labour Government under any circumstances”. The plain truth is that if you vote for Plaid Cymru, you will get Labour.

Of course, this may work for some of Plaid’s supporters. But what does this show to everyone else in Wales? Vote socialist, get nationalist.

How can it be the case that the march towards Welsh independence has taken a huge step forward when four-in-five voters rejected Plaid’s nationalism in May’s election.

Despite four-in-five Welsh voters backing pro-Unionist parties, the Labour Government in Cardiff Bay’s cosy coalition with Plaid Cymru will be used as a stepping stone for Plaid to reach their end goal of Welsh independence.

And what have we seen from Labour and Plaid’s Co-operation Agreement so far? Plaid have seemingly dropped their opposition to Nitrate Vulnerable Zone regulations and undemocratic Local Government reorganisation, completely betraying the farming community and our local Councils across North Wales.

Not one word regarding a Welsh independent Covid-19 inquiry. Despite Wales having the UK's worst Covid-19 death rate. Family and friends need answers that they deserve.

As we know, the Tourism Sector is vital for North Wales, creating thousands of jobs and providing £3.5bn to the North Wales economy. Yet Labour and Plaid’s discussion on second homes could potentially be disastrous to this crucial sector.

Plaid Cymru claim to be the greatest defenders of devolution, yet they cannot be bothered to do the basics and scrutinise Wales’ Government. Plaid should now be treated as the junior partner in this Welsh Government.

What should be at the top of the priority list is the Welsh NHS, recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic and creating more jobs. Labour and Plaid may claim their plans are ambitious, but this plan ignores the people’s priorities.

It is clear now more than ever, only the Welsh Conservatives can be relied on to provide strong opposition, accountability, and an alternative vision that the people of Wales demand, need, and deserve.

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