We truly do love our pets in the UK, and we love to spoil them. And why not?

We buy them treats, toys and for the truly crazy among us, we buy them Christmas presents.

So why not treat your cat to some more luxury this Christmas, with an egg chair for them to relax.

Egg chairs are one of the latest trends in home decor and can be fitted to hang from ceilings or come in their own stand.

Thankfully, cat egg chairs require minimum set up so all you need to do is click buy and wait for your cat’s new chair to arrive.

Where can I buy an egg chair for cats?


B&M is stocking a hanging egg chair for cats for just £55. The chair was created to replicate the sell-out human version, so you can match with your feline friend.

B&M has said it will be available in stores "soon" so be sure to be on the lookout in your local store.


Wayfair is also stocking an egg chair for your cats, and it is on sale! Reduced to £47.99, this chair is built with a sturdy leg rather than a hanging stand.

You can buy it here.


Onbuy.com has an incredible hanging egg chair in stock for your cat. It comes in a grey colour and includes a soft cushion. It can be purchased for £64.99.

You can buy it here.