A Flintshire councillor has been left 'furious' after plans to improve parking safety outside a school have been put on hold.

Cllr Bernie Attridge is far from pleased after the handbrake has been pulled on plans to have road markings outside Ysgol Bryn Deva in Connah's Quay.

Plans were in place to introduce a number of double yellow lines and keep clear road markings outside the school, where too many cars are parking on the streets, limiting access to homes and causing safety issues.

But due to COVID, they have had to be postponed, much to the annoyance of Cllr Attridge.

He said: "I'm absolutely furious that we're not seeing action to implement this scheme.

"There are grave fears that someone, possibly a child, is going to lose their life. And for local residents, they have faced years of disruption. Many aren't able to access the drives of their properties during the school drop off and pick up periods.

"I think this is another example of Covid being used as an excuse for not doing something. This proposal was agreed a year ago and now they're saying it will be further delayed.

"I am going to be raising this matter with the Steetscene and Transportation department of Flintshire Council as a matter of urgency."

A spokesperson from Streetscene said: "Due to workloads associated with the Authorities Speed Limit Review and other Traffic Regulation Orders, it has been necessary to postpone progress on the proposed Prohibition of Waiting restrictions for Ysgol Bryn Deva.

"Whilst it was anticipated to progress this Traffic Regulation Order in 2021, as I am sure you can appreciate, the progression of Traffic Regulation Orders in Flintshire have been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Unfortunately, the unpredictable nature of the work often results in timescales initially given for projects being pushed back. We are also required to undertake additional traffic order work as a result of successful bids to Welsh Government and this once again pushes our programme back.

"That said, we are now in the process of working through the backlog of Traffic Regulation Orders throughout the county and it is anticipated the above proposal can be progressed in the New Year."