THEATR Clwyd’s Rock ‘n’ Roll panto has kicked off with a bang this year.

Following the cancellation of last year’s performance, the Mold venue has wowed audiences and critics in its opening week.

The cast is made up of new and familiar faces and one face that many will recognise is that of Phylip Harries who is Theatr Clwyd’s resident Dame.

Phyl has performed in panto for the last 25 years dazzling audiences with quick wit, charm and incredible saxophone talent.

Here, Phyl answers some quickfire questions ahead of this year's Theatr Clwyd panto.

You play Nanna Nerys from Nercwys in this year’s rock ‘n’ roll panto. What can you tell us about the show?

"Beauty and the Beast this year is a great Panto to be in. It’s full of fun, charm, good music, spectacular scenery and fabulous costumes. The characters are strong with each one getting their chance to shine. The script is fantastic with a great blend of storytelling and buffoonery, something for everyone."

Many people missed out on panto last year due to the pandemic. Do you think that will make this year even more special?

"I think having missed out on live theatre during the pandemic, audiences this year will be more than ready to let themselves go and enjoy themselves. It’s also the same for us actors. It’s such a joyous feeling to be back on stage, you can really feel the love, warmth and affection coming back at you from the audience. We all want to get back to normal and hopefully this is the start of it."

You’ve performed in many Rock ‘n’ Roll pantos over the years, what makes you keep coming back to Theatr Clwyd?

"I love coming back to the Rock and Roll Pantos at Theatr Clwyd. What keeps me coming back is the incredible audiences we get here. I feel that I know everyone personally, and over the years I’ve made so many friends. Also, I have to mention the production values. The set, costumes, music, script are all pivotal in creating an unforgettable experience for the audience as well as the actors on the stage."

If you weren’t playing the Dame this year what part would you like to play?

"If I wasn’t playing the Dame this year I think I’d like to be Morgiana the witch. It would be fun to play the baddie and Alice our witch does a super job of it."

What would you say to anyone who is thinking of booking a ticket but hasn’t yet?

"Don’t think twice about buying tickets for this year’s pantomime, just go for it. You’ll have a great experience watching the best panto around and come out with your sides aching from laughing so much and humming some wonderful tunes."

Beauty and The Beast will be performed at Theatr Clwyd until January 15 2022. Tickets are from £15. Booking available at Theatr Clwyd’s website or by calling 01352 344101.