North Wales police have released advice to help keep homes safe from burglars.

The Wrexham town team's advice included making sure that:

  • Locking all doors & windows- even when at home.
  • Leaving a light on- Give the impression that someone is at home by keeping a light on, or use a timer if you won’t be in. Also consider installing outdoor lighting too.
  • Don’t advertise that you’re away on social media- this tells burglars that your house is empty.
  • Use visible deterrents - think visible cameras or even just a sticker to say that cameras are in operation.
  • Keep valuables out of sight & don’t leave packaging for expensive items outside your property either.

The statement also said: "We’re out on patrol 24/7 hunting those that seek to cause our community most harm"

The are using #OpBlueInstinct to spread information.