When a Flintshire woman needed cheering up, her partner went to impressive lengths to make sure it happened.

Having recently lost her beloved dog Poppy, Maureen Taylor was feeling pretty down.

Boyfriend Mark Sheen asked what he could do to help lift her spirits.

Maureen, from Talacre, is losing her sight, and craves colour - she asked for a light up reindeer for the garden.

Her garden is already filled with decorative ornaments, and a new addition would be perfect.

But Mark, 52, from Shotton, had bigger and brighter ideas.

The electrician and instrument technician, who works at Warwick International, in Mostyn, turned up with brightly painted, cut and drilled scrap to build Maureen her own light up Ferris wheel - from scratch!

Maureen, 66, said: "I knew my little dog Poppy had got cancer, and unfortunately the end came rather quickly and I was devastated.

"To say I was miserable was an understatement.

"Mark said to cheer me up, we could get the garden done up this year for Christmas. 'I'll make you some thing special' he said.

"I asked for a light up reindeer.

"Then he turned up in his car and trailer, and all I could see were these big yellow spokes.

"He started putting it together, and it was getting bigger and bigger. People started to slow down to see what was going on.

"He's used to making and building things but he's excelled himself here. And I just wanted people to know how proud I am of him."

The project then took on a life of its own.

Maureen added: "Mark had got little buckets for the seats on the wheel as it goes round.

"We wondered what we could put in the seats that wouldn't tip them up.

"We tried a few stone animals but they were a bit too heavy. Eventually we came up with the idea of rubber dog toys.

"The lights needed to be thought out too so they didn't get tangled up as it went round.

"I still can't get over it. I only asked for a light up reindeer."

Maureen has decided to keep the wheel up all year round, and is thinking about ideas to vary it across the seasons, including the possibility of flowers in the buckets.

And she's not the only one to appreciate Mark's efforts.

Maureen said: "Cars are slowing down, and there is sometimes a crowd of people. I'm just so proud of him, and it's a lovely tribute to Poppy."

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