CONTINUED high daily rates of COVID-19 remain of concern within Wrexham Council.

In its fortnightly recovery briefing, the council said the first ministers messages to remain vigilant and careful, and to abide by current rules remains as important today as at anytime during the pandemic.

In the report issued, the council says that if residents want to 'enjoy a Christmas we all deserve' then they must 'wear a mask and get a jab'.

Here's what Wrexham Council's latest Covid-19 report reveals:

  • 111 new cases were reported in Wrexham on Friday, November 12. The latest 7-day rate for new cases is 424.4 /100,000 population, which is worse than the 365.6 reported two weeks ago and the 399.4 four weeks ago.
  • Positivity (the indicator of community transmission) is 19.0%, up from 17.8% two weeks ago and 15.6% four weeks ago.
  • Wrexham’s position in Wales has worsened for cases per 100k population (16th compared to 22nd (least) two weeks ago and 10th for positivity, compared to 20th two weeks ago).
  • The Delta variant accounts for 100% of cases, with local community transmission in households, then schools, then social contacts and finally work contacts being the driver of infection.
  • The highest rates of infection remains amongst the under 20s. This is because they are the least vaccinated and are having the most social contact. This is followed, effectively, by their parents, but also growing numbers in older age groups.
  • Hospital admissions and deaths remain low compared to Waves 1 and 2 of the pandemic, supporting the view that the vaccine is highly effective against the Delta variant. In fact, there is a very much higher chance of being admitted to hospital if someone has not been vaccinated.

All of the 18 sub-areas of Wrexham remain ‘hotspots’ with more than 100 cases/100,000 population, which has been the case for many months. This confirms that there continues to be widespread community transmission throughout the County Borough.

  • 11 of the sub-areas have more than 400/100k, compared to 4, two weeks ago and 9, four weeks ago, showing a much worse position.
  • 7 of the sub-areas have seen an improvement since two weeks ago, meaning that 11 have got worse. This compares to 13 and 6, respectively, two weeks ago, again showing a much worse position.

Wrexham Council say this data is a reminder that Coivd-19 has definitely not gone away in Wrexham.

In schools, Head teachers continue to be given extra support to quickly put measures in place in their schools where case rates are high locally.

Staff and secondary school students are encouraged to take twice-weekly lateral flow tests to help keep coronavirus out of schools.

The key message from Wrexham Council is: "Responsibly enjoying the freedoms which we now have, relative to when the pandemic was at its height is crucial. Please wear you mask and respect the rules at all times."