FROM November 15, people in Wales over 18 must show a covid pass to enter cinemas, concert halls and theatres.

This will show that they are fully vaccinated or had a negative lateral flow test in the past 48 hours.

The vote to extend covid passes was won in the Senedd on Tuesday - by 39 votes to 15.

The debate before the vote was pitched as an argument between personal liberties and the rights of government - but it boiled down to whether Plaid Cymru would support the Labour Government in the face of opposition from the Welsh Conservatives and Lib Dems.

Darren Millar MS, representing the Welsh Conservatives, said the evidence was not there to support covid passes reducing transmission or increasing the take up of vaccines.

He said it relied too much on self-certification and that "you could swab your dog".

He said: "The Welsh Conservatives warned that the introduction of COVID passports in Wales would set a dangerous precedent, and it gives me no pleasure today to say that we were right.

"It's just a few short weeks since the introduction of COVID passports here in Wales, and yet, in spite of no clear or credible evidence that they have an ability to stop the spread of coronavirus, we find ourselves today debating yet another proposal to extend their use beyond the large events and nighttime economy, now to cinemas, theatres and concert halls, and this is in spite of the fact that there's no evidence to suggest that these venues are the hotbed of virus infection.

Labour's Joyce Watson said: "We are prepared to trust people to do the right thing."

She added that passes allow people to feel safer and more free - so their civil liberties are extended not restricted.

She said the majority in Wales supported passes - "they get it".

Alun Davies MS said: "These passes are actually very popular. They're very popular. I certainly have people writing to me, e-mailing me saying that this is the end of our democracy, this is the end of our society, that this is the end of the society that we've known in its current form because of the imposition of this. They make ludicrous comparisons with events of the middle part of the last century and the rest of it. But, let me tell you now, the majority of people, both in my constituency and I would guess in Clwyd West as well, will be supporting this, will be wanting to see this, because they understand the argument that your liberty is my liberty is everybody's liberty. And the equality and indivisibility of liberty is something that nobody here should be arguing against.

Health and Social Services Minister Eluned Morgan

Health and Social Services Minister Eluned Morgan

Health Minister Eluned Morgan said the measures were being put forward based on evidence.

"We know this virus spreads in enclosed spaces when people spend a lot of time there," she said.

"The NHS is struggling - more than 800 people are in hospital with covid.

"This is a measure to have fewer people in hospitals."

She said: "I stand here in sadness today in bringing forward regulations to increase the use of the COVID pass. However, I must once again emphasise that coronavirus has not disappeared, and unfortunately the situation in Wales remains very serious. The number of cases of COVID-19 is still very high and has been increasing in some areas. In the current wave, we have seen the highest number ever of cases confirmed in Wales. At the moment, the transmission rate is 527 for every 100,000. These consistently higher rates do lead to serious illness for increasing numbers of people. This is also putting pressure on our health service which is already under huge pressure."

Ms Morgan finished the debate with some strong words.

"We all want a normal Christmas," she said, adding that it wouldn't be possible without measures like this.

She said: "I think people will come with us on this."

Currently, covid passes are mandatory for nightclubs and large scale events – including many sporting venues.

Earlier, during a Welsh Government briefing, Ms Morgan stressed that the passes are not covid passports.

One month on from their introduction, she said that the feedback has been positive.

They have already been used at the two Autumn internationals, and the WRU gave positive feedback, along with Cardiff City and Swansea City football clubs.