Wrexham's iconic St Giles Parish Church will be the location for a fundraising concert.

Percussionist Steven Moore ignored people's negative comments and set out to achieve his dream of becoming a solo marimbist.

Despite the national lockdown and undergoing several surgeries for his Crohn's disease, percussionist Steven Moore has achieved his bachelor's degree, master's degree and has begun his PhD.

Reaching for his dream of becoming a solo marimbist, he is now touring to share his music with the world, and help fund his PhD at Leeds University.

Concerts will showcase his five-octave Marimba, a percussion instrument consisting of rosewood notes, providing a rich, soothing and resonant mellow tone.

Music will include classical and contemporary works, from J.S. Bach's cello suite no.1 to Somewhere Over The Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz.

Steven said: "I simply want people to experience the beautiful sound of this instrument.

"People expect percussion to be loud and brash, but it can also be the exact opposite."

The performance is on December 17, at 7pm, and is organised on a 'retiring collection' only.