CLIMATE protestors marched through Holywell to mark the COP26 talks in Glasgow.

Over 40 people, to the rousing sound of the Cambria Band, marched for climate justice in Holywell town centre on Saturday.

The purpose of the event was to show solidarity with millions of people around the world on a global day of action.

The Leader:

Rob Owen, who helped organise the march, said: "It is aimed at getting the message across to politicians and world leaders that people across the globe are angry at the lack of sufficient action needed to prevent further, catastrophic climate breakdown.

"Especially as it is poor people and children - who have done least to cause it who are bearing the brunt, and will do so in future."

The Leader:

There were many colourful placards on display during the march with messages such as 'We need a fair COP', 'Climate justice for children everywhere', 'Commit to a better world' and 'We daren’t leave it all to politicians .

Also paraded through the town centre was the 'Green New Deal' banner and a big blow-up planet Earth.

Rob added: "Is it any wonder we are angry when it is rich elites – including ours – who in their short-sighted greed have not only held up action on climate change for decades, but are now pouring money into keeping out people fleeing from the climate catastrophe which they have caused.

"This is why we demand climate justice."

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