The big news in Parliament last week, which will have a positive ripple across the country and will certainly be felt in Wrexham, was the Chancellor’s Spending Review and Autumn Budget statement. With many significant announcements, I am sure that this Budget will be welcome here in Wrexham, putting more money in people’s pockets, whilst proving that UK Government actions throughout and after the pandemic have put us, as a nation, in a good place now. This Budget will, as the Chancellor said from the dispatch box, deliver a stronger economy for the British people.

Some exciting announcements included the National Living Wage increase, which will give a £1,000 pay rise for the lowest paid, the Universal Credit taper rate reduction, which will help to ensure that work pays, and the fuel duty freeze, which will provide a £1.5 billion tax cut for motorists. These three announcements alone will be a real boost to many in Wrexham.

Of real note will be the support this Budget gives important businesses here in Wrexham, like those of our hospitality sector. With slashed taxes and fairer rates, the new alcohol duty rules and the ‘Draught Beer’ duty will support pubs, hospitality, and brewers, with this new duty on draught beer alone estimated to provide a £100 million boost to pubs. Given my own background as a brewer, I am particularly excited by these benefits and having called on the Chancellor to introduce a new Draught Relief along with other Parliamentarians, I am pleased that the Chancellor listened.

Finally, the Budget will also increase funding to all devolved nations, with a £2.5 billion uplift to the Welsh Government’s funding on top of the £15.9 billion Cardiff already receives. This is the largest funding settlement since devolution began, illustrating the UK Government’s significant investment and support for Wales. Now, it is important that the Welsh Government spends this uplift soon and wisely; the healthcare system in Wrexham is struggling, the Welsh Ambulance Service requires UK military support, and the social care system is not protecting the most vulnerable. Therefore, I think it is important that this is allocated and spent as soon as possible so that communities like ours feel the benefit.

Some of the measures introduced – such as the cutting of business rates by 50 per cent for the next year for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses – will, however, not impact us here in Wrexham as these are devolved matters. This measure will, I am sure, be of great benefit to many businesses across England, helping to reinvigorate high streets and businesses that have been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. As such, I would implore the Welsh Government to look on some of the UK Government’s excellent proposals and ask, can this be done across Wales? I think it can, I think the impact would be welcomed and I hope that the Welsh Government will take note.

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