PEOPLE in Deeside are asked to give their thoughts on a proposal that would create up to 463 jobs.

Earlier this year, Italian firm Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti Group (ICT) announced plans for a 700,000 sq ft papermill at the Northern Gateway (Airfields) site near Garden City.

Now, the company is asking local people for their feedback.

Concerns have been raised about noise and odour from the development.

Describing the potential benefits of the development, ICT said: "The plans will deliver a boost to the local economy of Flintshire and wider economy of Wales. Overall, once fully developed, it is estimated that the proposed development will generate approximately £2.9 million of business rates revenue per annum, with Phase 1 directly accounting for £1.5 million per annum, which Flintshire Council can use to spend on services. Once in operation, the facility is expected to create 463 direct jobs, which will be available for local people.

"As well as the hundreds of direct jobs created through the paper processing mill, many other jobs will be established in the supply chain resulting from the new facility. Additionally, other employment opportunities will become available during the development and construction of the facility, including 154 jobs and opportunities for training and apprenticeships.

"The delivery of this facility could kick start the Northern Gateway site, showing other major employers that Flintshire is open for business and wants to work with those looking to invest in the UK. We are confident that our plans can act as a catalyst for local investment, in turn benefiting the Council to the tune of millions of pounds in business rates and creating hundreds of new jobs for the area."

The 50 acre site would produce paper products such as toilet rolls, kitchen towels and napkins for the UK and Irish markets.

The Welsh Government has provided £5m towards the facility. This follows a £10m investment in the Northern Gateway in March, to unlock the development potential of the site.

Construction on the new facility, equipped with the latest technology, is expected to begin early next year and, once complete, will create 229 new jobs

A spokesperson for ICT, which has its headquarters in Lucca, Italy, said: “Working with the Welsh Government team over the last two years has been a very positive experience of cooperation. ICT has carried out a very thorough feasibility study of potential sites all over the UK during the last three years and we are more than pleased with our final choice to make Deeside our new home and to expand our business footprint to North Wales and to the UK.

“We look forward to swiftly getting to work on the site and creating our local ICTUK team.”

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