A HOMELESS charity is urging Flintshire residents to open up their homes to those who need it the most.

Supported Lodgings - Local Solutions is a charity that supports young people in need of a place to stay.

Due to the pandemic, the charity has seen a surge in young people needing to access the service but unfortunately a limited number of volunteers.

A spokesman said: “Flintshire residents, we need you to offer up your spare room for a homeless young person from your area and become a householder.

“As a service, we take homeless 16–21-year-olds and place them in volunteers’ spare rooms. They can stay in placement for up to two years.

“During this time, we will support them in multiple areas such as into education, training, employment; learning skills such as money management and self-care skills; most importantly we will teach our young people to build self-love, respect, and resilience to ensure when they are able to enter their own accommodation, they are successful individuals.

“Once the young people have showed growth in all areas, we are able to refer them for their own accommodation through the local council.

“The householder has a key role in the young person’s success; you will become a mentor for the young person and all we ask is that you spend a few hours a week talking to them/teaching them a new skill in the household.”

Those who take part are entitled to a monthly payment of £588 (per 4 weeks) - £48 of which comes from the young person.

The charity spokesman added: “We will provide you with up-to-date training, an enhanced DBS check, 24/7 support and a support coordinator to ensure the placement runs smoothly and both the young person and householder have a positive experience and outcome.

“We are currently experiencing a high demand for our service and need the help of homes around the county to help us continue our work and continue helping our most vulnerable.

“Lots of our young people are care leavers, have experience domestic abuse – so fled their home, have been rejected due to their sexuality, or have experienced issues with substances. By providing them with a lodgings and support both practically and emotionally, we hope to give our local young people a chance at a brighter future.”

For more information contact Emily Harker on eharker@localsolutions.org.uk or 01352700838.