A DOG-friendly pub has gone the extra mile to cater for customers' four-legged friends.

The Sun in Trevor was named the Welsh winner in the Dog-friendly Pub Awards due to being renowned as a great pit stop after a nice long walk with the dog.

The pub is celebrated for its welcoming approach to owners and their dogs, and amenities such as treats on the bar, dog beds and quiet areas.

Now Paul and Katy Jones are offering three course meals for dogs.

Poppy enjoying a doggy ice cream at The Sun.

Poppy enjoying a doggy ice cream at The Sun.

They, or their owners, can choose between a roast dinner or fish and chips, followed by doggie ice cream.

And it's all washed down by a serving of dog-friendly beer - chicken flavoured of course!

Katy and Paul Jones with pub dog Poppy at The Sun, Trevor.

Katy and Paul Jones with pub dog Poppy at The Sun, Trevor.

It was the idea of Katy who realised due to the pub's popularity with walkers, that a menu for dogs was needed.

She said: "We have always been a dog-friendly pub. They don't cause any more mess that someone if muddy boots and they don't cause any trouble. On some nights we would have a dog under every table in the place, so I thought that customer's dogs should be able to enjoy a roast dinner at the same time as them."

She added: "We are in a good location for people enjoying walks, and some people come here especially because they know we allow dogs inside and out."

The ingredients in the meals, made by company Sir Woofchesters, are all natural.

For dogs that are not big eaters, there is tapas available.

And for dessert there is ice cream made by Utterly Mutterly especially for dogs.

All meals have been approved by pub dog Poppy who is at the Sun almost every day.

The Sun is hoping to keep its title of Wales' most dog-friendly pub, in the awards run by Rover.com.

Then, Paul said: “We treat our four legged customers as we do our two legged customers. For dogs we have water plentifully available, treats and beds, and we have our beloved pub dog Poppy here to welcome everyone. Being able to take your pet to the pub with you is important, your dog is family.”