A FLINTSHIRE town will be hosting its first ever book festival and residents are urged to get involved.

Residents in Mold are being invited to nominate their favourite books of all time, ahead of what will be the towns first ever BookFest.

This new festival, to be added to the annual calendar of events for the town, has been formed by a group of friends and colleagues, and includes local Town Councillors, businesses, teachers and the much-appreciated patronage of Rt.Hon. Sir David Hanson.

The book festival is currently being planned for 20-22 May, 2022 but as a taster and show of support, residents are now being asked to nominate their favourite books, with the winning nominations to be put on display in the window of Mold Bookshop.

In the interests of inclusivity, the nominations are being asked for by age range:

  • 0-3 years
  • 4-7 years
  • 8-11 years
  • 12-15 years
  • 16-19 years
  • 20+ years

The closing date for nominations is December 1, 2021.

Ballots may be cast at Mold Bookshop and Mold Library between October 4 and December 1, 2021, or may be emailed to: TheMoldBookFest@gmail.com

The results for the winning titles in each category will be announced on the December 6 and displayed in The Bookshop window and Mold Library.

The organisers will also be asking residents for future help in designing a Mold BookFest Logo, the making of bunting, and suggestions for activities and workshops that they would like to see – it will most definitely be a town centred event! Details to follow later.

Cllr Teresa Carberry, chair of the festival said: "As a town councillor and someone who both lives and works in Mold, I have always been proud of the many and varied community events that are held here. I have always felt however, that there was one event missing, namely a Book Festival.

"I am now happy to be able to say that next year Mold, our town, will be hosting its first ever book festival - the Mold BookFest. There can be no better time than this to make our announcement, as next week marks National Libraries Week, promoting both libraries, books and reading.

"All of us involved in the planning of this event want it to be a celebration of words, written, spoken, and performed. Our aim is to have cover many and varied topics and involve a wide range of speakers, authors, poets, actors, and journalists.

"We want to involve as many schools as we can and offer a wide variety of events at local venues – a truly Mold based and inclusive event. We hope that our community will welcome and actively embrace this as another great town event.

"All monies raised by the events to be held, after expenses, will be used to buy books for schools and students."

A programme of events will be announced, in full, in the New Year.