A WREXHAM group wanting to set up a new venture to get the community on their bikes has been shortlisted in the Airbus Community Awards 2021.

Making the top 10 list means the Caia Park Environmental Group is guaranteed to win at least £1,000 of funding towards its mission. But, the group could still benefit from up to £7,000 if it secures enough votes in the grand public vote.

The group was first formed in 1999 and works with young people in the community to hold tree planting sessions, litter picking walks and river clean ups to make sure their part of Wrexham is in tip-top shape.

Group chair Dorothy Mitchell said the team is hoping that, with their Airbus Award winnings, they can set up shop with a whole new project that will benefit the wider community.

Ms Mitchell said: “We want to set up a premises for a bike workshop, as there is nothing like that here in Caia. We’d have volunteers help repair and recycle bikes – offering them out in exchange for a small donation.

“We have done this project before but without a proper premises there is only so much that can be done. Young children shouldn’t have to miss out on playing with their friends just because they don’t have a bike of their own.

“This project, much like our group, is about inclusion of all. Young kids don’t see price tags, they’ll just see that someone has a bike or they don’t.

“Bikes can be expensive, and with how quickly kids grow, there’s only so much use you’ll get out of a certain sized bike before needing a bigger one. With this project, we could set up a recycling system where bikes get a new lease of life with another child.”

She added the scheme will also benefit adults, they are a more eco-friendly mode of transport and in the past, the group has given away bikes for people that could not afford to get to work using public transport.

The idea is that the workshop would also have volunteers that learn how to repair and maintain bikes.

Ms Mitchell says this kind of skill would be very useful for bike owners and could lead them to some employment opportunities.

On a wider scale, the environmental group also works to provide education for both young and old about how we can better look after our planet.

To vote, visit https://www.quiz-maker.com/poll3877309xE1354ABf-122.

Entrants can also collect voting tokens each day in the Leader.