A POLICE Inspector has called on people to look out for their vulnerable neighbours and take steps to deter thieves.

Wrexham Rural Inspector Gavin Gilmore issued he call as part of the ongoing Operation Blue Instinct - an initiative aiming to crack down on opportunistic crime as the nights draw in.

He said: "We are putting out the message to people to check on their elderly and vulnerable neighbours.

"Make sure doors and windows are locked and if you have CCTV, make sure it's turned on.

"We're also asking owners of high performance cars to make sure any keys are locked away and are not in sight - including from their letterbox.

"Please make sure your car alarms are on.

"A lot of these high performance vehicles come with trackers now, so if you have that make sure you download the app and that it's set up.

"Nights are drawing in fast now and I'd encourage residents - if there's anyone walking past who looks or acts suspicious, or if you see a suspicious vehicle, ring us and we'll check these people out as quickly as possible."

Inspector Gilmore urged the public not to hesitate in sharing their concerns, adding: "Don't think it's nothing - we do want to know and it might be important information for us.

"CCTV is another crucial one for us; a lot of people have camera doorbells now, so if you have that, please make sure it is turned on."