TWO men have been jailed after an early morning robbery at a North Wales supermarket.

Shaun James, of Romney Way in Stockport, and Michael Peers, of Penhurst Way in Stockport, appeared before Mold Crown Court via video link from HMP Berwyn on Tuesday.

The pair admitted robbing an Asda employee of cigarettes on August 17, with 34-year-old James also admitting driving while disqualified and without insurance.

Elen Owen, prosecuting, told the court that around 4.15am on the day of the offence, a staff member at Asda in Kinmel Bay was alerted to a break-in happening at the store's tobacco kiosk.

The worker could see James and 39-year-old Peers in the act of forcing the drawers open.

She told them to leave, but one responded saying: "I'll f****** kill you."

The pair were told again to leave but continued to repeat the threat, one of them throwing a drawer in her direction.

It appeared they had smashed a glass window to gain entry having failed to force a door open with a crowbar.

They filled bags with cigarettes and tobacco worth more than £2,800 - causing almost £800 in damage to the door.

Just before 4.40am, North Wales Police was called.

Officers attended the Golden Gate Caravan Park in Towyn Road and saw a car had collided with a wall there.

The defendants were seen on site, with James throwing an item under a caravan and Peers dropping a large sack made from a duvet - which contained tobacco, cigarettes and part of he shop's shelving system.

The court heard that while the incident was "shocking and unpleasant for employees," it was unsophisticated and the pair hadn't actually intended to rob anyone.

Duncan Bould defending, said: "But for the threats issued, this would have been a burglary.

"It doesn't appear the drawer was in any sense being used as a weapon, it was simply thrown."

James told Judge Nicola Jones: "It was stupid, we were drunk and we didn't go there to commit a robbery.

"It shouldn't have happened.

"It's one of those things we've got to live and learn."

Judge Jones said: "This in your minds, was a burglary.

"It's clear that the pair of you went there not realising that there are people working from 2.30am fulfilling internet shopping orders.

"Instead of leaving you carried on.

"I have no doubt the pair of you in the cold hard light of day will be thoroughly ashamed."

The Judge handed each defendant a three year custodial sentence for the robbery, half of which they will serve in prison and half on license.

James received no separate penalty for his motoring offence but he was banned from driving for 12 months, with an 18 month 'uplift' to reflect the custodial element of his sentence.