Here's a selection of dogs from the RSPCA which are looking for their forever homes.

If you think you would be able to rehome one of them go visit the RSPCA website for full contact details and to find out more.

You can also donate money to the charity to help it carry on its rescue work by visiting the same website.

Alaska, 7

The Leader:

Meet Alaska, a sweet 7-year-old Staffy cross, who needs your help.  When she first came into our care, Alaska struggled with engagement & found it difficult to cope with life in general.

She had not been allowed to socialise before nor had any proper structure or training, but she has improved massively through consistent work with our volunteers, and she now has a lovely relationship with all her handlers.

The RSPCA are looking for a quiet, calm adult home who will work with us & our behaviourist in supporting Alaska to a new life.

Bud, 8

The Leader:

Bud is an 8-year-old American Staffy cross.

Bud has shown himself to be a pretty amazing dog. With a consistent training routine and loads of TLC, he has settled down well and now has a good relationship with all his handlers.

He has coped very well in kennels and we feel he is now ready to make someone a very proud owner.

The RSCPA are are looking for a calm, patient home with a safe, enclosed garden, ideally with someone home most of the time to help Bud settle in and feel secure in his new environment.

Jasper, 5

The Leader:

Jasper loves to be outside chasing the ball, just running about sniffing everything.  He will fit perfectly into an active home where he can go hiking, the beach and explore the forests.

As he is very bouncy he may be too overwhelming and can be very excitable so the RSPCA are looking to rehome him with older teens/adult only home.

He is incredibly smart and knows a lot of commands, and training should be part of his daily life as he is very intuitive and does great learning new things.  

Yuffie, 5

The Leader:

Yuffie is a friendly, well mannered lad who enjoys human interaction and all the fuss that comes with it.

He is an easy going boy who enjoys a groom, and is good to walk on his harness.

Yuffie does not like other dogs and has been taught a technique to help him cope.

Yuffie will need an owner who has experience with large breed dogs and will be better suited to older children in their teens but cannot live with cats or other dogs.

He shouldn't be left alone for any more than four hours in a day, and will need a garden with 6ft fencing.

Timber, 8

The Leader:

This is Timber, an 8 year old husky cross looking for a new loving and quite home.

Timber needs an experienced owner that understands he can be a little timid at times and needs encouragement and support when he feel unsure.

Timber has a lot to offer the right home and the RSPCA are just hoping that we can find him a new family that will give him this chance and be willing to love and support him in his new chapter in life