There is a global spotlight on Wrexham AFC thanks to its 'Hollywood takeover' but things haven't always been so high profile.

The team now trains at Wrexham's Colliers Park, and there are believed to be ambitious plans for a new training facility under club owners, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

It's all a million miles away from the back-to-basics training seen here for the players back in 1967.

It would appear a day in the great outdoors was all that was needed to keep in pitch perfect shape.

All a far cry from the state-of-the-art facilities Luke Young and co are no doubt getting used to.


Members of Wrexham AFC, training in 1967.

Members of Wrexham AFC, training in 1967.


In the above photo is John Neal (far left), who would become Wrexham manager the following year.

He went on to become of one the club’s best ever managers.

Far right is striker Albert Kinsey, who scored 99 goals in 300 games for the Reds, and celebrates his 75th birthday today.

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